The Feral Woods

Post-World Music

Hypnotic, worldly grooves and hair-raising vocals from the woods of New England. A new sound to motivate body and mind from GRAMMY nominated singer songwriter Tim Eriksen (voice, bajo sexto), Garrett Sawyer (bass, cuatro) and Sturgis Cunningham (drums, darrabuka).

“Forest to pasture, and pasture to wood-
The stone walls are crumbling and the trees are coming home!”

For centuries the fields of New England have been sown with musical seeds from many cultures. The seeds have grown into trees, spread out to cover the hills and line the city streets, and the sound of this new forest is the sound of The Feral Woods. If “world music” was about collecting exotic sounds and bringing them home, The Feral Woods “post-world music” is about what happens when those sounds take root and become local music once again.
The Feral Woods have an unmistakable sound that draws on the crazily diverse musical experience of band members including Afro-Celtic New England folksong, South Indian veena, Carribean and hip hop grooves, Bosnian and West Javanese pop, soca and East African gospel music.


Tim Eriksen: voice, bajo sexto, electric guitar, flutes
An ethnomusicologist and performer with a background in punk rock, Bosnian folk-pop and South Indian veena who Americana hero T Bone Burnett calls “one of the best singers in music.” He has performed with musicians including Ralph Stanley, Jack White and Elvis Costello and his 2009 collaboration with Omar Sosa was nominated for GRAMMYs in the World Music and Latin Jazz categories.

Garrett Sawyer: bass, cuatro, samples
A summa cum laude graduate of the Berklee School of Music, while living in Trinidad he played throughout the Caribbean and North America with the band Atlanik. Respected as a top-notch recording engineer and dance music producer, he has produced and performs with Trinidadian calypso and soca monarch Kurt Allen, and toured extensively with Gokh-Bi System and reggae/hip hop band The Alchemystics.

Sturgis Cunningham: drums, darrabuka
A creative force in an array of rock, world music and hip hop groups, he’s also the go to beatmaster for a diverse range of artists including Martin Sexton, nerdcore hip hop originator MC Frontalot and The Monkees’ Peter Tork.